SCS Seminar on Intellectual Property (IP) 2022 – Hands-on Workshop for Scientist in Life Sciences

The SCS Seminar on IP 2022 with focus on  researchers, technology transfer managers, and others which are required to deal with life science related intellectual property, in particular patents, and enhance their capabilities to assess and manage patent related novelty, inventive step and freedom-to-operate risks. Some basic knowledge about IP will be beneficial for this hands-on workshosp. The two days will also provide a platform to exchange practical experience on IP management and form a network that can be actively used also after the seminar. 

Target Group:
Scientists working in industry with some experience in the field of IP and patents

Participants will learn about
  • Fundamentals about life science IP, in particular patents, in an international context for both chemistry and biotech related inventions. …
  • Practical guidance how to develop an IP protection strategy including designing patent claims …
  • Practical guidance how to conduct patent searches for both patentability and freedom-to-operate questions including assessment and management  of freedom-to-operate related risks.


Meeting Chair

Prof. em. Heinz Müller, Lecturer for IP in Life Sciences
Dr. Michael Kock, Dr. Kock-Consulting

Symposium Sekretariat

SCS Head Office

+41 31 306 92 92